Pferdesportservice Marx

A warm welcome to Pferdesportservice Marx!

You´re looking for the right horse? You may want to sell one? Please feel invited to have a look around this website!

We offer you the full service package for the trading of sports horses

If you are looking for a new horse, have a look at our current adds. We do not offer you the right choice at the moment? Please feel free to contact us via mail or via our contact form, and we may as well offer you other horses from our data base as soon as possible.

As trading agents, and on behalf of our customers, we have to know what kind of horses we are offering or trading. Therefore, we inspect and check each individual horse individually on site, discuss with owners and riders, and make our own photo and / or video shootings.

Please accept, that a great part of the horses for sale are not displayed in our selling list, for some owners do not want their horses to be put on sale in the internet publicly. In case you do not find an appropriate horse in our selling list, please feel free to phone us and we can discuss to find another horse which is not displayed.